Dragons Pride Pitbulls X UFC Fighter: Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal


DPP Offical Sponsor of UFC Fighters


Educated consumers are our best customers. Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal grew up around this special breed and recognized the best pitbulls when he saw DPP. Which is why on the behalf DPP and Jorge we are pleased to annouce our offical sponsorship.

Do not be fooled by hype and what comes up on google as big and blue. Dragons Pride Pitbulls is home to the biggest truest and best lines of American Pitbull Terrier there is.

Look this warrior up on YouTube he became a YouTube sensation when he started his career fighting under Kimbo Slice. He has the heart of a "Gamebred" Pitbull!! A trait that most XL breeders lack when breeding for size however DPP is known for capturing and breeding the authentic nature of this amazing breed. We are very proud to represent Jorge and excited about our new partnership... This is not all we are not done yet we haven't even begun to speak about our PPV fights , more exciting news on its way!!

Be advised Dragons Pride Pitbulls is a proud representative of the breed and UFC fighters, this does not mean we condone dog fighting or will sell a dog for any other illegal purpose of any kind.


Big congratulations to Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal choking out the now former undefeated Ultimate Fighter winner Mike Chiesa in the 2nd round for the main event on the FX undercard for UFC on FOX. I am very impressed with his performance he is a great fighter DPP is proud to represent!




Whether it's size, looks, muscle, function, or health, nothing compares! Dragons Pride Pitbulls are the only true total package! We pride ourselves in producing the world's largest, most sinister looking pitbulls that can perform just as well as they look


The Leaders in TRUE XXXL
Where Legends Are Born!

Welcome to Dragon's Pride Pitbulls; located in NYC where we have spared no expense in creating the perfect XXXL american pitbull terrier and perfect loving companion and protector for the family. We are the elite XXXL pitbull kennel, do your homework, lots of other kennels are trying to keep up by watering down the abpt blood by mixing mastiffs and bandogges, but not only does this change the look of the dog but most importantly the temperament and health. We, however have been able to create these genetic freaks of nature by using 100% correct american pitbull terriers. Research our dog's and their pedigrees and you will see that these are the top and rarest dogs in the game. If you can find a better dog buy it, because it does not exist.

Beware of the imposters and their false claims, the only way to get a dog of this caliber is by getting by getting 1 of our dog's productions. We breed for the love of the abpt, this is is not a fad for us, this is a lifestyle. We do not do this to be "cool" or to make a quick $ we do this for the love of the breed and to better the breed by doing very selective thought out breedings to create a genetically superior apbt. As you can see we do not do a lot of breedings a year, our dogs are very exclusive and we purposely keep it that way. Our breedings are done for function and purpose in order to create the perfect XXXL apbt, if you are someone who demands the best then make no exception when it comes to your future family member.

Here at Dragon's Pride Pitbulls we breed for massive size, bone structure, wide chest, big blocky heads, as well as great temperament and health, all without sacrificing the "supermodel" looks and athleticism and drive of our dogs which is rare to find these days. Our dogs are the total XXXL package. Beware of other kennels and the fake stats that they claim their dogs to be. Dragon's Pride Pitbulls does not have to lie about the weight of our dogs, in a world where true 100lb females are very very far and few between, we do not have 1 adult dog that is below 100lbs. Dragon's Pride Pitbulls is home to the top XXXL pitbulls in the game period! most kennels top males can not stack up with our shemales. Not only is all of our females over 100lbs but some of them also break the 130lb mark!! You have our word that our dogs are what we say they are, feel free to come and check them out for yourself, although we are not open to the public. Serious buyers only, a 1,000$ deposit towards a pup or stud is required. We ship worldwide! No puppy will be shipped out until at least 9weeks of age with a signed health certificate from our licensed vet stating that the puppy is free of all genetic health defects and is in good health.

Are you sick of hearing how big your friend's cousin's friend's sister's pitbull is? If you thought you had a big dog think again, because it just does not compare unless it came from DPP. If you want peace of mind knowing you have the biggest and best apbt in your area then feel comfortable knowing that yours came from DPP.

DPP = Muscle, If you want a sausage with legs go back to Google. No fat butterball looking dogs with yuck mouths around here...Do your research, nothing but 100% Supermodels and 100% American Muscle.

Remember, if it looks like a pitbull it might be, and if it looks like something else it probably is. Do not be fooled by the immitators, we did not cut any corners to get where we are today, we have the biggest and highest quality of apbt you can find anywhere in the world. We are not in the race for the 1st 200lb bandogge with false papers. We will not sacrifice the integrity of our kennel or the traits that makes a pitbull a pitbull just for size. The health, conformation, working ability and quality of our dogs blood will not be watered down for size. We believe in the total package and will not have one without the other and to do that we not only breed to bring out the strengths in all attributes but we also have eliminated all of the weak and undesirable traits.

Call us today to reserve the dream puppy of your choice so you too can know the feeling of what its like to own one of these monsters.

Remember if it ain't pit, it ain't shit! The bond and loyalty u will receive by owning 1 of our pitbull puppies is 2nd to none. My dogs are my best friends and part of my family. That being said we screen all buyers to make sure they are qualified to own 1 our amazing pitbull puppys because their future is very important to us. Dragon's Pride Pitbulls does not support dog fighting or any other cruel and illegal activities involving the apbt and reserves the right to deny any potential customer who we do not feel comfortable has the best intentions and will provide a great home for their new family member to live their entire lives with. Owning an apbt is a long term commitment and requires proper socialization. Our dogs are not bred to be aggressive nor would we ever sell anyone an aggressive dog. 90% of how the dog acts is based on how they are raised. When you Purchase a puppy from Dragon's Pride Pitbulls customer service is very important to us, we will go the extra mile every time. These are not just puppies to us, these are family members. All of our litters are delivered by hand with loving care. All of our puppies are guaranteed against any and all health issues. We want nothing but the best for your family and our puppies. Feel free to call us anytime with any questions regarding one of our apbt's, we will be more than happy to speak with you and to help get you the puppy of your dreams into your home.






What is a pitbull?

Pitbull is more than a look with tight skin and muscle, its a state of mind, its an attitude, its the swagger, the temperament, the tenacity, the drive, the willingness to never quit, the fight in the dog, the agility.
A pitbull may look intimidating, strong, powerful, beautiful, but lets not forget they are the most loving, caring, loyal beings that you will ever meet and will fight till their last breathe for the one's they love. Built tough, maybe been fighting their whole lives, but all they really desire is to love and be loved and are the biggest mushes and will give everything and trade it all just to lay beside the one's they care for and protect them because to a pitbull we are their world, we are their everything, they live for us!...if anything gets to me, if i was a robot and did not feel any emotion, nothing can make me feel the way this breed does. You know why? because they got heart and i feel that!

                                                   -Ryan Deering

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tired of seeing dogs labeled as "thick" that are just plain fat? with loose mastiff skin or bulldog looks? At Dragons Pride Pitbulls we are all about aesthetics and pride ourselves in having dogs that have natural thick shredded muscle that are not overweight which is why we are the #1 choice of bodybuilders, fitness models, MMA fighters and other professional athletes all around the world!...stay tuned for pictures to be posted below


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